Monday, June 24, 2024
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Loadshedding to increase as power demand reaches 16,300MW

ISLAMABAD, AP0R 17, (DNA) – The problem of unannounced loadshedding in the country still thrives. According to National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), the demand of electricity has reached 16,300MW whereas the production remains 10,100MW as a result of which the shortfall has come upto 6200MW.

Due to extremely low water level in big dams, hydropower production is at 1400MW instead of 5500MW. This has taken the entire burden of electricity production on independent power producers (IPPs) and thermal power plants.

The increased shortfall has led the power schedule to remain only till paperwork.

In the aftermath of system overload, the National Power Control Centre is carrying out loadshedding without any prior notice to distribution companies.

Urban areas are witnessing 4-6 hours of power cut whereas rural areas are undergoing eight hours of loadshedding.

Sources say that the loadshedding durations will not minimize unless the hydropower production is amplified.

The coming days will continue to undergo prolonged power outages in rural and urban areas.=DNA


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