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Liars cannot lead you: Prime Minister Nawaz

Liars cannot lead you: Prime Minister Nawaz

Liars cannot lead a nation, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told a charged crowd in Kahuta on Friday, days after the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) planned ‘lockdown’ of Islamabad on Nov 2 turned into a ‘thanksgiving’ rally.

“Someone who lies to you continuously cannot represent you,” he said.

“They say ‘Pakistan is progressing’,” he said in a veiled reference to the opposition. “They know that gas and electricity are coming to these areas, that a two-lane expressway is being built. That’s why they are posing obstacles, so that progress is halted and Pakistan is taken back to 50 years ago.”

“The ones who hold rallies, their agenda is not one of success.”

“The ones who try to stop progress, you will not let their designs succeed. You have halted their designs. You have shown them their true reflection. You already saw what happened a few days ago,” Prime Minister Nawaz said referring to the PTI’s planned Nov 2 ‘lockdown’ which it vowed to continue until the PM resigned or presented himself for accountability amid allegations of corruption following Panamagate.

The PTI and the government have locked horns since the names of members of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family appeared in the Panama Papers and the political atmosphere in the capital had heated up as the date of the protest drew closer.

Only after the Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the government and opposition to submit their Terms of Reference for formation of a judicial commission to probe Panamagate did tensions in the capital begin to diffuse.

“I do not wish to say anything, I am keeping my tongue in check. But you are aware of what expectations they had and what the outcome was,” the premier said.

“We are hard at work… No one can point accusatory fingers at us. You have three and a half years of our work before you,” Prime Minister Nawaz said today.

“The election is going to happen in 2018, but you are cheering for me now. And this is precisely what our opponents cannot stomach,” the prime minister said.

“I also love you. I love you too,” the PM said, in an oft-repeated endearment.

The prime minister encouraged others to join hands with the party for progress and development in Pakistan.

During his address, the prime minister announced several development projects promising that work on them would be initiated soon.

“I didn’t come here empty-handed today. The regular development programmes will continue. This is only the beginning. There will be bigger things in the future,” he promised.

He announced that the Rawalpindi-Kahuta road overhead bridge will be turned into a highway, and that all union councils in Kahuta and Kallar Sayidan would receive electricity and gas.

The premier also promised to convert the Kahuta Tehsil Hospital into a state-of-the-art hospital, relieving residents of the need to travel to Rawalpindi or Islamabad for treatment.

He announced that 12 high schools will be converted into higher secondary schools, especially for the education of girls.

“Girls often have to travel far to attend school. We want to bring schools to your doorsteps,” he said, adding, “This development will bring a wave of progress in the region.”

“It won’t be long before a university is built here,” he added.

Funds will also be invested into the development of 100 kilometres of roads in Kahuta and Kallar Sayidan, PM Nawaz said.

“This is your money, it should be used for your betterment. It is not my money.”

“We will make this place beautiful,” he said, in a bid to encourage tourism to the area.

“Thousands of people visited Murree, Naran, Kaghan,” he said. “They should come here too.”

The Prime Minister said that he has raised the Kashmir issue at the United Nations General Assembly for the past three years, adding that he “Will continue to speak about it. we are not afraid of anyone.”

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