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Lahore tragedy echoes at Bangladesh national day reception

ISLAMABAD, MAR 29 (DNA) – The Lahore Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park tragedy echoed at the Bangladesh national day reception guests expressing deep sense of sorrow and grief over the sad incident.The High Commissioner of Bangladesh had arranged a national day reception at a local hotel in order to mark 45th anniversary. Despite Sunni Tehreek dharna and closure of main roads, a large number of guests attended the reception.

The UK high commissioner-designate Thomas Drew also attended the reception. He is in Pakistan for over a month now but he has not yet presented his credentials. This is something unique because in the US and UK cases, the envoys traditionally present their credentials on one-on-one basis.

Some people were of the view that relations between Pakistan and UK may not be cordial these days because of Altaf Hussain issue, which may be a reason behind the delayed presentation of UK HC’s credentials.

The diplomats had a unanimous view on operation in Punjab also in order to track down terrorists and appreciated government and Pakistan Army for initiating this operation.

However their prime concern was as to how long these protesting members of religious group would sit at the D Chow for the dharna has literally paralysed their lives. Their worries are multiplied when they hear news that government is not ready to talk with them.

The diplomats and other guests present on the occasion had a consensus opinion that the government should settle this issue amicably in order to avoid any further untoward incidents.

The guests were served with traditional Bangladesh cuisines. =DNA

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