Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Lack of transparency in diplomatic missions


ISLAMABAD: The plight of Pakistani expatriates in Thailand and Malaysia is a cause for serious concern. Many of these individuals have been imprisoned for years due to a lack of diplomatic cooperation, while others face significant challenges due to corruption and poor policy.

Despite the presence of Pakistani diplomatic officials in both countries, little has been done to address the issues faced by Pakistani citizens. One major problem is the misuse of funds intended for the Pakistani community. The Community Welfare Fund received by the Pakistani High Commission in Kuala Lumpur and the Pakistani Embassy in Bangkok is being pocketed by diplomatic officials instead of being spent on the needs of Pakistani citizens. Additionally, the number of Pakistani diplomats in these countries is significantly lower than that of India, which has resulted in a lack of support for Pakistani expatriates.

Despite repeated complaints from Pakistani expatriates, these officials have failed to take action to address the issues faced by their fellow citizens. This stands in stark contrast to the Indian diplomatic staff in these countries, who are known for providing comprehensive support to Indian citizens. One major issue is the difficulty Pakistani citizens face in obtaining entry to Thailand and Malaysia.

Unlike Indian citizens, who receive visa-on-arrival and easy entry, Pakistani citizens are often turned away at the airport and deported back to their home country. This has resulted in significant financial losses for Pakistani citizens, as well as damage to the reputation of Pakistani passports.

Despite all of these challenges, the Pakistani High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur and the Ambassador in Bangkok have failed to take action. They are known for their reluctance to meet with Pakistani citizens face-to-face, instead opting to listen to complaints through the e-Kachheri platform, which many villagers or non educated people find difficult to use. The situation is dire for Pakistani citizens imprisoned in Thailand and Malaysia, who suffer from a lack of access to medication and financial support.

The prisoner exchange agreement between Pakistan, Malaysia and Thailand, which is intended to facilitate the transfer of prisoners between the countries, has not been implemented. It is time for the Pakistani government to take action on behalf of its citizens in Thailand and Malaysia.

It is only through concerted effort and a commitment to transparency and accountability that the honor of Pakistani passports can be restored, and the rights of Pakistani citizens protected.

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