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Justice (R) Sohail Nasir urges self-accountability, poverty reduction efforts

Justice (R) Sohail Nasir

RAWALPINDI, DEC, 10 /DNA/ – Deputy Chairman of National Accountability Bureau Justice (R) Sohail Nasir has said that there is a lack of self-accountability in our society. He emphasized that all the wealthy people needed to work together to reduce poverty.

He expressed these views while addressing the seminar on “Jinnah’s Vision for Eradication of Poverty” organized by Jinnah Iqbal South Asian Forum (JISAF)as a special guest. On this occasion warm quilts were distributed by the forum to hundreds of deserving families.

Among others Justice (Rtd) SohailNasir, Forum Chairman Rana Abdul Baqi, Former Federal Secretary MuzaffarMehmoodQureshi, Commodore (Rtd) Shahid Nawaz, Colonel Bakhtiar Hakeem, Professor Dr. AqeelaAsif. Dr. Sabahat and Arsalan Akbar Abbasi also addressed the seminar.

Justice ( R ) SohailNasir saidevery poor person who has health and safety should consider why he is poor. “Work hard can change the financial position so we all should work tirelessly to overcome our shorts”, he added.

Justice ( R ) SohailNasir announced on this occasion to bear the expenses for complete education of two children in Jinnah Iqbal Education System and said that we should do a lot of work for the promotion of education. He said that every individual should do his own accountability. He paid tribute to the chairman of the forum, Rana Abdul Baqi, who every year distributes warm quilts and monthly ration to deserving families.

Forum Chairman Rana Abdul Baqi, referring to the speeches of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in April 1943 and November 1944, said that the Quaid-e-Azam had clearly declared that the new state of Pakistan would be a true welfare state with equal rights for all citizens.”The new state will be based on the principles of Islamic social justice”, he quoted the Quid. He further said that following the vision of the father of the nation, JISAF distribute warm blankets in winter and one month’s ration in the holy month of Ramadan to deserving families.

Colonel (Rtd) Bakhtiar Hakeem said that every Pakistani should ask himself every day what he has given to Pakistan today. Muzaffar Mehmood Qureshi said in his address that sharing the deprivations of the deprived people is a great virtue and we need to imitate Rana Abdul Baqi. Professor AqeelaAsif and other speakers also spoke on this occasion. Later, hundreds of warm quilts were distributed amon the deserving families. DNA

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