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Interior ministry extends Rangers’ policing powers in Karachi Division for 90 days

ISLAMABAD: After much deliberation and exchange of conflicting remarks between the federal and Sindh government, the interior ministry approved a 90-day extension in the special policing powers of Sindh Rangers in Karachi Division — with effect from July 20, 2016.

A notification in this regard was issued on Wednesday, a copy of which is available with, in which the ministry announced approval for the summary sent to the federal government by Sindh government on August 1 regarding the extension in Ranger’s special policing powers.

The special powers were granted under Clause (i), Sub-section-3 of Section-4 of Anti-Terrorism Act 1997.

Rangers ‘limited’ powers stir debate in NA

Earlier in the day, the issue of extension of special powers for Rangers in Sindh echoed in the National Assembly as MQM and PTI lawmakers called for extending the special powers of the paramilitary force to the whole province, while PPP legislators termed it against Article 147 of the Constitution.

Speaking on a point of order, Parliamentary leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Syed Naveed Qamar said the Sindh government had extended Rangers’ powers under Article 147 of the Constitution.

Qamar alleged that despite the extension in Rangers’ powers for one year, a press release was issued to the media stating that the Interior ministry had not accepted Sindh government’s summary in this regard.

“Such acts would weaken the federation,” Qamar viewed and asked the federal government to clarify the matter.

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MQM lawmaker Asif Hasnain said MQM was the first party which called for deployment of Rangers in the province to restore peace.

Instead of deploying it in Karachi, Rangers’ powers should be extended to the whole province for achieving long lasting peace, said Hasnain.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Dr. Arif Alvi said the law and order situation in Karachi had considerably improved following the deployment of Rangers.

“There was sharp decrease in incidents of target killing, extortion, China cutting and kidnapping for ransom,” said Alvi.

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