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Imran Khan says  Ehtesab March to prove a turning point

PTI Ehtesab rally

LAHORE, September 03 (DNA): On joining the Pakistan Ehtesab March participants in Lahore on Saturday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has warned Sharif brothers against blocking the rally routes.

“Don’t attempt to block our ways,” Khan warned while speaking to reporters at Zaman Park. He said Lahore will rise and history will be created in the city today.

“We have been seeking answers from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for the past five months. Whenever the Prime Minister is questioned on corruption he starts narrating different stories,” Khan added.

He said the rally in Lahore today will be decisive and the number that shall turn to the streets of Lahore shall be unprecedented. “I am warning the Sharif imperialists. Don’t try to stop the brave nation with these containers,” he said.

“We are peaceful people and our protest is peaceful as well. The government must not resort to any violent means this time,” the PTI chief said.

He further claimed that more institutions will be destroyed if the Prime Minister managed to escape accountability on Panama leaks.

Addressing his workers and supporters at Shahdra, Imran Khan said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ruining Pakistan just for saving his own skin.

Imran was accompanied by senior party leaders including Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Mian Mehmood ur-Rasheed, Jahangir Tareen and others.

Imran Khan said that this protest is important for the future of Pakistan.

“Rulers are destroying the country,” says Imran Khan. He said that country would bankrupt if prime minister steals peoples money. “Prime minister is accountable in a democracy,” said the 63 years old cricket turned politician.

Addressing participants of the rally, the PTI Chairman said that corrupt leaders would corrupt the country’s institutions.

Imran Khan accused FBR chairman saying that he sent millions to Dubai illegally. He said, “we are not pressurising Nawaz Sharif, we are pressurising state institutions to hold Nawaz Sharif accountable”.

The PTI rally also known as Ehtesab march started from Shahdara and was scheduled to reach Charing Cross in the evening.

Speaking to the participants of the rally in Lahore on his symbolic container, the PTI chief has said that his party’s Ehtesab (accountability) March was to mount pressure on the country’s institutions to support it uncover Nawaz Sharif’s corruption in the country.

Imran Khan said, “PTI was seeking answers from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over his alleged corruption and Panama Leaks Scandal for the last five months, but he could not satisfy us and the opposition.”

“Institutions like National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Election Commission of Pakistan have already lost their credibility, just to secure Sharifs and their families,” said Khan.

Chairman PTI said FBR, NAB and EC got a huge responsibility to make Pakistan corruption free because Nawaz Sharif would do everything to entice them. The whole country must come out and seek answers from the Sharif’s family, said Khan

Khan said, Nawaz Sharif was ready put the future of Pakistan at stake for his vested interest. He insisted that if Nawaz Sharif managed to escape the Panama Leaks probe, this time, he would ruin the remaining institutions of the country as well.

Chairman PTI said Nawaz Sharif’s objective was not to serve Pakistan but to make illegal money.

Strict security measures were taken to protect the march with at least 5,000 policemen deployed at a nine-kilometre-long route of the rally.

Moreover, members of Insaf Tiger Force, Insaf Youth Wing and Insaf Student Federation would also ensure that no untoward incident happens during the march today. Containers in Lahore haunt locals, claim one life

The entire city of Lahore was suffocating on Saturday with heavy containers placed on almost every main point of it. Roads leading to three main hospitals in Lahore were sealed with containers. DNA


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