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Imran asks Pervez Khattak to declare Nov 9 as public holiday in KPK

ISLAMABAD, Nov 07 (DNA): Chairman Imran Khan has said he had requested CM KP Pervez Khattak to declare 9 Nov, Iqbal Day, as a public holiday in the province.Khan said while he disapproves of the excessive number of holidays that we have in Pakistan, Iqbal Day is an exceptionally special day for Pakistan. Iqbal’s thought embodies the ideology, the Nazriya, of Pakistan.

It is extremely important, Khan felt, for coming generations to remember and follow the message of Iqbal so that Pakistan’s ideological moorings keep strengthening.

“Nations without a nazriya die”, Khan asserted. He stated: “we must ensure that Iqbal’s thought is passed on to our future generations. Dictators have always sought to make people forget the message of Iqbal to weaken the nation’s ideological foundations but we are committed to ensuring that Iqbal and his ideological foundations for Pakistan remain strongly entrenched in each generation.” DNA

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