Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Imran announces to challenge NAB amendments in SC this week

ISLAMABAD, JUN 21 (DNA) — Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday announced to challenge the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Amendments Bill in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

In a live video broadcast, Imran Khan said the NAB amendments will be challenged in the top court this week, adding that corruption ‘enfeebles’ the foundation of a country. He said the changes in the accountability laws will pave way for corruption in Pakistan as the powerful people would not fear punishment now.

Imran Khan said Maryam Nawaz, Asif Zardari and Shehbaz Sharif would benefit hugely from the changes. He said a whopping Rs11,000 billion of public money would be ‘swallowed’ after changes in the laws, adding that the countries with discriminatory laws for the poor and the rich face devastation.

He recalled that PML-N’s Khurram Dastgir revealed the intention of the incumbent government which was to only get rid of corruption cases. The ex-premier said that endorsement of such laws by the Parliament is an insult of the nation, adding that the people who passed it should better die of shame.

Imran Khan said it is difficult to trace white-collar crime across the world and laws in Pakistan have been amended such that it would become impossible. He said the burden of proof in the assets beyond means cases has been shifted to the NAB which is unprecedented in any part of the world.

PTI chairman said according to fresh changes, any information regarding assets parked offshore would not be entertained. He added that NAB will not able to probe money-laundering cases and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will look into it, adding that the agency and bureau have been subdued by the interior ministry headed by Rana Sanaullah.

Imran Khan said the suspects will not be questioned on benami assets. He said the Pervez Musharraf gave first NRO to the current rulers and their corruption cases were pardoned, and termed the recent changes in the NAB laws as ‘NRO-2’.

PTI chairman said the developing countries do not have adequate resources to trace the ill-gotten wealth in developed countries while adding that the developed countries also facilitate it. He warned that Pakistan would become Sri Lanka if the current government stayed for a bit longer.

The former prime minister vowed that he would continue ‘jihad’ against the current rulers as he did during the tenure of his government and did not compromise before the corrupt clan. He termed the amendments are a ‘bigger crime’ than ‘bombarding’ Pakistan.

PTI chairman said the history would not forgive the local abettors of the US-backed foreign conspiracy which resulted in imposition of current rulers on Pakistan. =DNA

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