Friday, December 8, 2023
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IMF agreement will stabilize rupee against the dollar: RCCI


Rawalpindi: The agreement with the IMF is a welcome and positive development for Pakistan’s economy. The agreement will not only send a positive message to investors, but will pave the way for aid funds for the rehabilitation of friendly countries, foreign financial institutions and flood-affected areas, Acting President of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce Faisal Shahzad remarked in a TV interview. This would further boost the foreign exchange reserves and support the rupee to stabilise around the current value, he added.

He said that the agreement will help increase exports and promote industrialization in the country. He said that the confidence of local and foreign investors will be restored. Faisal Shahzad further added that the business community is hopeful that the government will take stakeholders on board to implement the industry reforms introduced in the budget.

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