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IMCB F-10/4 organizes lecture on environmental awareness

ISLAMABAD, APR 8 /DNA/ – The Environmental Club of the Islamabad Model College for Boys F-10/4 organised a lecture on the title “Feel Blue Touch Green: The Influence of Environment on Mental Health”. The lecture was arranged in connection with the “World Health Day”. Professor Imran Ahmed Khilji, Head of the Psychology Department, was the resource person. He urged the audience to spend time in “nature” in order to improve their physical and mental health because there is a positive relationship between nature and wellbeing. He said that numerous health and social problems can be resolved by being in contact with nature .The lecture was attended by a sizable number of college professors and members of the environmental club.

Prof. Atharul Islam, the college principal, acknowledged the services of the members of the college “Environment Club”.He noted the importance of raising awareness of environmental issues, particularly in educational institutions, in light of the growing health problems. He stated that it was crucial to arrange such lectures and events on environment issues. The president of the environmental club, Muhammad Younis, thanked the college administration for arranging the event for the students .The audience enjoyed the talk, showed interest in the subject, and asked pertinent questions. Prof. Ahmed Khan Awan, excellently performed the functions of stage secretary.

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