Thursday, June 20, 2024
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I Want my Pakistan back

Written by Rehan Nabeel

In Pakistan, people do not appreciate talent. As now a Pakistani is a Scottish first minister and yes it is the same post as a pm. Now if he was to be in Pakistan he would not even be a governor. Governor is a long talk, not even a mayor. Pakistanis don’t appreciate people who can’t talk about things Fix things as he mentioned that he will help Scotland exit the UK and join the EU.

We like to talk about only The leaders who promise us a better Pakistan but end up destroying it. Here in Pakistan even former prime ministers cannot live in peace. We should build a better and smarter Pakistan.

Look at india, it was standing in the same economy as Pakistan in 1947. But now there are very much richer.

Just because of the nonappreciation of real economy boosting ideas other than lowering prices. My dadabu came all the way from Saudia even though he had options To go to other countries.

Just to help Pakistan alongside Imran Khan to fix Pakistan and now the new government is arresting PTI workers. PTI workers aren’t even safe neither the Pm nor the secretaries, officers and all are not safe

This is not the Pakistan we wanted it is a Pakistan in ruins.

We appreciate Rishi sunak and Hamza Yousaf but the people who want to work in Pakistan are not appreciated.

We say that they are from Khan e waal and Gujranwla but we are not saying that we Pakistanis do not appreciate people If they were here they would be owning factories for a living and would not be recognised.

Let’s come to the point We talk about our believes while our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad said no Arab

Has power on a non Arab and a non Arab on a Arab whereas we say the Bhutto family will rule or the sharif family will rule.

Pakistan came in the name of Islam and we have forgotten this golden principle of Islam. Now where Pakistan stands at this time

I ask this to my papa and my grandfather that this was built on the name of Allah. I’m 12 and I’m still wondering where this Pakistan is?

I can’t see my   future of Pakistan. IT is a falling nation on its own and it must come back to its own before it’s too late.

The national days and diffrent occasions I used to hear that we are a alive nation “hum zinda qaum hai hum tabinda qaum hai” is it really true?

I feel that it is wrong on its own Whereas I believe we are not a nation but we are a crowd of a bunch of people and have no main direction.

Give us the Pakistan that Quad e Azam has promised that Allama Iqbal has dreamed And chaudhry Rehmat Ali dreamed.

If you go back to the two nation Theory it  was the project to divide the subcontinent on the base of religion why are we taking it to other paths.

We are not focusing on the real projection of  a country that gives equality, a nation which Quaid e Azam wanted where is that Pakistan?

and a nation that Rehmat Ali dreamed about is nowhere to be seen politics and democracy is on the peak of fall it all comes down to nothing to the hard work.

Today whats happening in Pakistan people are being violently harmed.

Why is Pakistan which was supposed to be a super power it is  in ruins just like other ruined nations.

We used to talk about the violence that Jews give to Muslims in Palestine.

But the same is being delivered  by Pakistanis by other Pakistanis where is the unity that we Pakistanis were built upon.

Where is it?

No where!

We need to act fast upon the present political and other conditions of our nation.

A country which went for 3 rupee a dollar in  1947 to 300 rupees a dollar.

That is how quickly we are falling it is not what

Allama Iqbal dreamed about.

Where is that superpower we used to call Pakistan.

It is happening all due to not one cause but several we should act fast upon these conditions or we might be hit by a even worse situation soon.

Well what can be a worse condition than this people ask well we don’t have to give examples of other nations in our situation because they might come back but we would not if we don’t act on these mistakes other nations focus on sending rockets in the sky while we are still talking about stuff that doesn’t matter.

What is happening with our Pakistan.

Will we suffer in this nation waiting for a coincidence or keep working ourselves ?

That is my question not only to the government but to everyone.

How can we come back.

Well we can start by focusing on peace or technology either than trying to persuade people against other politicians why are we not embracing  peace instead of harming and violence.


People are being punished just for being Pti members.

They don’t care if these people are mna or MPA.

They are not even being given importance they are being publicly punished .

While they have done nothing wrong.

They don’t care if these people are representatives of a right path.

These people do stuff to our politics, economy and people that even the worst of the worst can think about.

We are not being given the freedom of speech which a country must give.

Take anyone for example

Everyone is being treated the same which is the violent way.


I want to know the truth behind this?

Well everyone knows the truth behind this.

Yes everyone.

We know that this government won’t stop harming innocent people who support Pti.

Where is the promise?

We ask we need a better Pakistan from our government we need a better life from our government we  dont require a better nation at this point

We need it!

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