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Honda 125 New Model 2024 Release Date and Price

Honda CG 125

Honda CG 125 has gathered a widely spread customer base in Pakistan because Atlas Honda has always stood up to expectations. Although this bike has always given the best performance, Atlas Honda has failed to provide any major changes in new models. However, we are expecting to get a Honda 125 New model 2024. So, this article is an answer to questions like what is the Honda 125 new model 2024 release date? Or what will be the price of the new Honda 125 2024? Honda 125 New Model 2024 Release Date Honda 125 new model 2024 is expected to launch in September-October 2023. The company has not confirmed any dates yet. This date is only according to the speculations and analysis of previous launches by Atlas Honda.

Expected Changes
Atlas Honda does not have a history of bringing major changes in the bikes. However, this is the time when the customers can expect something new in the market than the plain old-looking bikes if they pay a hefty amount for them. As there are companies like Suzuki and Yamaha in competition, expect the following changes in the new model of Honda CG 125 2024:

Better Fuel Efficiency
New and Unique Colors
Smooth Ride with Less Vibration
A New and Modern Design
New Headlight and Taillight Shape
According to the sources, the SE model of Honda 125 is going to get more changes in the 2024 variant. To name a few, we might get:

Sporty and stylish design
Better Seat design
Alloy Rims
Digital Instrument Cluster
Enhanced Shock Absorbers.
Smooth Ride with Less Vibration
New Headlight and Taillight shapes.
Redefined exhaust shape

Expected Price of Honda 125 New Model
The expected price that the company is going to launch the new Honda CG 125 could be more or somewhere around PKR 234,900.

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