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Govt’s committed to strengthen Radio Pakistan

Govt's committed to strengthen Radio Pakistan

KARACHI, MAR 22 (DNA) — Federal Secretary for Information and Broadcasting, Shahera Shahid on Friday, underscored the crucial role played by the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan), emphasizing its extensive reach across the nation with news delivery in multiple languages.

During her visit to the PBC office, she addressed various issues including Radio Pakistan’s financial matters such as liabilities, salaries, and pensions, which are currently being discussed at higher levels for prompt resolution.

Furthermore, she mentioned the government’s deliberation on enhancing financial self-sustainability for institutions with high expenses. The burden of power utility bills on Radio Pakistan is also being addressed through collaboration with the Power Division. Notably, efforts have been made to ensure timely pension payments, which were previously delayed, benefiting pensioners.

Secretary Shahera Shahid underscored the government’s efforts to uplift Radio Pakistan and its workforce, including the adoption of government scales. Improvements in transmitters are underway to guarantee seamless transmission, alongside the establishment of a centralized broadcast setup in Rawat, Islamabad.

Moreover, organizational measures are being implemented to provide medical facilities for employees, while Radio Pakistan’s properties are being leveraged for organizational enhancement and employee welfare. Shahera Shahid, on the occasion also undertook a visit to the Associated Press of Pakistan Corporation (APPC) Karachi Bureau.

She meticulously inspected various sections of the bureau office, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its operations. Earlier, upon her arrival at the PBC building, she received a warm welcome from the Station Director of Radio Pakistan and other senior officers from media and the Audit Bureau of Circulation. — DNA

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