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Foreign funding case, PTI collected funds from dual nationals, SC told

ISLAMABAD, JUL 24 (DNA) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has on Monday submitted details consisting of more than 700 pages regarding the foreign funding case in the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan.

It has been stated in the documents that the petitioner Hanif Abbasi has not provided any solid evidence concerning the accusations that have been levelled against PTI.

The papers, rejecting Abbasi’s allegations, have declared the petition based on dishonesty and said the funds were neither foreign nor illegal, they were given by Pakistani nationals holding dual nationalities.

The statement says, “The documents thus filed by the Petitioner seeks to allege that the payments received by PTI, the Respondent No. 2 is by sources which they claim is foreign funding and are from prohibited sources. The same is denied in totality.

It is submitted, that the Petitioner is acting malafide and seeks to make allegations against the PTI, without any cogent proof that funds received from the foreign agent in the USA are sources which are prohibited and that, it is foreign funding to Pakistan Tharik-e-Insaf.

“That the submission made in the statements filed and each part, are denied in totality.”

The papers further state, “Pakistan Tharik-e-Insaf has collected money from dual nationals, ie, being a foreign citizen continuing to be also a Pakistani national. In addition the funds are also raised citizens of Pakistan residing abroad.

It is submitted, that the said monies remitted to PTI Pakistan were not from sources that were prohibited.”

The documents also claim that PTI is being dealt with discrimination, as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have also received foreign funds but have not given any details.=DNA


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