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Do you know what flight attendants notice about passengers?

Do you know what flight attendants notice about passengers?

MAR 01, (DNA) – A question was posted on popular Q/A website Quora titled, “What do flight attendants notice about passengers as they board the plane?”

It was in fact answered by real life flight attendants who work at renowned airlines. According to them, they notice which language a passenger speaks. They’re assigned to know whether a traveler speaks English or not.

Flight attendants have to assist disabled passengers as well so they have to know as quickly as possible whether anyone has physical or mental disability.

Also, they have to know whether any passenger is drunk or intoxicated. This is part of their job to know how they have to treat the travelers and make them feel comfortable.

Flight attendants will mostly check your nationality. They judge what language a person speaks by looking at a magazine or newspaper in their hands. They have to ensure safety for all onboard.

An airline worker told that they like to know if any passenger is muscular so that in need of hour these people can help the crew in doing work involving physical activity.=DNA


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