Sunday, February 25, 2024
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First vaccination center for covid-19 by an E&P Company: OGDCL

ISLAMABAD, MAY 29 (DNA) – The District Management Islamabad has declared OGDCL F-8 Medical Centre as Vaccination Centre of COVID-19 for employees& their family members. Deputy Commissioner, Islamabad has established this facility on the request of OGDCL management to facilitate the process of COVID-19 vaccination of OGDCL employees & their families.

This facility not only will reduce the burden on national health system but will also facilitate the vaccination process of OGDCL employees and their families in a congenial environment and will diminish their waiting time in long queues. This all was made possible due to the untiring efforts of OGDCL Management which is always committed to providing maximum facilities to its employees.

In this context the management established a call centre for employees to take appointment before coming for vaccination and the response has been overwhelming. Not only the OGDCL employees & their families but the general public as well was inoculated at the facility on Saturday. Everyone appreciated the efforts of OGDCL management for this noble cause. The process is registered with NIMS and after inoculation of 2nd dose, employees shall be issued certificate from NADRA.

This is the only such facility by any E&P Company in Pakistan. Like many other initiatives by the OGDCL management in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, establishment of this centre is a first in the E&P Sector in Pakistan. This is also a testament to the unflinching resolve of the OGDCL management towards facilitating their employees in the best possible manner. 

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