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Euro 2024: Marco Rossi criticises unfairness by referee in Hun-Ger clash

Euro 2024: Marco Rossi criticises unfairness by referee in Hun-Ger clash

Berlin, JUN 23: Hungary coach Marco Rossi criticised the referee’s performance in the Germany-Hungary clash on Wednesday at the Stuttgart Arena in Germany.

The host of the European Championship (Euro 2024), won this match with 2-0. Rossi wasn’t happy with the referee for counting Germany’s first goal, scored by Jamal Musiala.

The coach believed that Hungary’s defender, Willi Orban was pushed unfairly before the goal.

“I’ve never complained in my career as a player or coach, I’ve never looked for excuses, but what the referee did tonight… the referee used a double standard.”

“The referee allowed a goal on a push on Orban. Second half in a similar situation on (Germany midfielder Robert) Andrich, the referee whistled a foul,” said Rossi.

The former footballer was unhappy that the video assistant referees (VAR) did not notice this injustice in Hungary.

“In my perspective, Germany would have won anyways, but the referee was the worst on the pitch,” he said.

Marco mentioned that Germany would have won this match anyway; however, the referee made it difficult for Hungary to win the match. He also wondered what was going to happen if the referee did the same in the match between Germany and France.

“I told my players they have nothing to regret. Germany for me is the big favourite to win the Euros but they didn’t need help from the referee to win, especially against a team like Hungary.

“Let’s see when Germany plays a team like France if a foul is given or not.”

Meanwhile, Germany’s Ilkay Gundogan who assisted the first goal and scored the second, was surprised by his opponent’s reaction. He said he didn’t foul Orban.

“I was quite surprised that he or his Hungary team-mates were a bit angry about it.”

“I don’t know what it looked like on TV. I played in the Premier League for seven years, if you gave that foul in the Premier League then I think everyone would be laughing on the floor,” Gundogan said.

Hungary will be facing Scotland on Sunday at the Stuttgart Arena in Germany and it is essential for the Magical Magyars to win this match to stay in the Euro 2024.

“We have a foot out of the Euros, we’re not out of it mathematically.”

“In the final game we’ll try everything to win, we don’t want to exit without getting a single point. I don’t think we deserve to be on zero points at this stage of the competition,” he concluded.

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