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ECOSF to arrange lecture series on `Popularizing Mathematics and Science’

ECOSF to arrange lecture series on `Popularizing Mathematics and Science’

ISLAMABAD, Mar 12 (APP/DNA): The ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) and the Union of Iranian Societies of Mathematical Sciences (UIMS) are jointly arranging Lecture Series on Popularizing Mathematics and Science, virtually.

As a part of this series, an engaging and enlightening Mathematical Popularizing Talk will be held on March 14 where the participants will delve into the fascinating world of Mathematics.

According to an official of ECOSF, renowned Expert,  Imran Parvez Khan will deliver lecture on the topic “Symmetry of Frieze Patterns” which will be attended by a number of participants including students and researchers.

Frieze patterns are decorative patterns found in nature and in man-made art.

All frieze can be grouped into seven types.

This presentation will be interactive and the participants will get to see various frieze patterns and will be able to classify them into one of the seven types, according to their specific symmetries.

An algorithm will be shared for determining the symmetry group of any frieze pattern.

ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF) is a Specialized Agency of the ECO for promotion of Science and Technology leading to economic development.

The Basic Charter of ECO was formed under the Treaty of Izmir as a result of the meeting of the member countries held in Izmir, Turkey on 12th March, 1977.

It envisaged the establishment of ECO Science Foundation as a specialized agency of ECO to function as a reservoir of highly skilled scientific and technical manpower and to facilitate promotion of scientific research among the Member States.

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