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Drug shortage crisis in Attock



ATTOCK (JAN-22): A large number of chronic  patients along with their aggrieved families in Attock  while strolling in search of life saving drugs found missing from the local medical stores have expressed their profound concern of prevailing shortage of medicines created by the pharmaceutical mafia under the garb of default situation of the country.

This was disclosed by the Member Executive Body Pharmacist Union Attock Mr. Dastagir Bhatti while talking to the media  here in Attock on Sunday. Replying various questions of the media persons, Mr. Dastagir Bhatti said that supply of more than 50 essential life saving  medicines for cardiac, hepatitis, liver, lungs, brain, hypertension, hemophilia, paralysis, hemiplegia and other diseases  has been interrupted by the pharmaceutical companies due to fluctuation in the prices of raw material being imported from different countries through foreign exchange in US Dollars reached at the alarming proportion leaving uncontrolled devaluation of Pakistani currency on daily basis as well.

He said that shortage of most necessary medicines include are Inj Rhogam, Inj. Rhofylac,Tab Co Olesta, Duac Gel, SypTrimetabol, Tab Thyronorm, SypDuphalac, Tab Prothiadin, Tab Prothiadin, Tab Iberet Folic, Tab Epival, Tab Tegrol, Tab Cardura, Tab Fasigyn,Duofilm lotion, Tab Artifin, SypTixylix, Tab Eziday Duo, Tab Telfast D, Tab Spiromide, SypMaltofer, Humulin insulin,InjHeprin, InjCardarone, InjEpival, Inj Streptokinase(heart attack),  InjGravinate, Inj Augmentin, Tab Diovan, Syp Inventive, and even the pharma companies have also stopped the production of so many other medicines which are required to save the human life during their surgery or hospitalization nearing to death. He said that people can live without bread for some time but patient can not wait for their medicines to save their lives.

Mr. Bhatti further said that all medical store owners are repeating the list of short medicines to their relevant whole sale dealers but they disappointed when they seemed reluctant to fulfill their requirements since long. He said that a number of pharmaceutical companies are planning to close and shift their business from Pakistan as the Government is not in a position to get opened LCs for import of raw materials from other countries.

He demanded of the United Nations World Health Organization and Government of Pakistan to ensure production of live saving drugs failing which death toll of the patients of serious diseases will be increased beyond their normal ratio, he added.

Qazi Shoaib Khan, Bureau Chief, District Attock

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