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Doha discussions not important, only waste of time: Islamic Emirate

Doha discussions not important, only waste of time: Islamic Emirate

KABUL/DOHA, FEB 18: The second Doha meeting hosted by the UN chief in the Qatari capital is supposed to begin on Sunday afternoon behind closed doors.

Representatives of more than twenty countries, the Organization of Islamic Countries, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the EU will attend the meeting.

The meeting is expected to concentrate on discussions over how to approach increasing international participation regarding Afghanistan in a coherent, coordinated, and structured manner, considering the recommendations of the independent assessment of the country.

“Afghanistan’s issue is a regional and international issue and all regional and international players have played their positive or negative role in Afghanistan. such meetings and negotiations can either be led towards a positive or negative path,” said Wais Naseri, a political analyst.

The Islamic Emirate said that discussions in the meeting are not important and that the absence of the Islamic Emirate from the meeting does not mean the Islamic Emirate is isolated.

We have asked for important issues to be discussed in the meeting but the absence of agreement between the UN and the Islamic Emirate means that the meeting will be a waste of time. We are not in isolation. We have friendly relations with many countries,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, the spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

“The absence of the Islamic Emirate will further isolate the Islamic Emirate, which will impact the country’s economy and the departure of youth from Afghanistan,” said Tariq Farhadi, an international relations analyst.

The meeting will also continue on Monday, February 19.

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