Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Day of Memory and Honour commemorated at Uzbek embassy


ISLAMABAD, MAY 8 (DNA) – Embassy of Uzbekistan commemorated the “Day of Memory and Honor” in Uzbekistan with the participation of representatives of the Uzbek Diaspora and their families permanently residing in Pakistan.

The Embassy handed over to all members of the Diaspora the “Ribbon of Honor”, which symbolizes the flag of Uzbekistan.

The participants were given the opportunity to honor the memory of their ancestors, to show special respect and attention to the older generation, who made a worthy contribution to the maintenance of peace and development of the country.

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan Furqat Sidikov congratulated the participants of the event with a upcoming Memorable Date “Day of Memory and Honor” (celebrated on 9th of May) and elaborated on the significance of this day in the modern development of the country, the education of future generation.

The decisive participation of Uzbeks in the Second World War was particularly noted, and their generosity, nobility and humanism are being tested not only in relation to their loved ones, but also to other people, who have suffered grief at that period.

Representatives of the Diaspora highly commended the fact that during the Second World War, the Uzbek people showed unfeigned mercy by accepting about one million evacuated children, women, old people, sharing with them the last piece of bread and shelter.=DNA



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