Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Dawn Leaks controversy: ‘Middle way’ could resolve the issue today


LAHORE, MAY 02, (DNA) – Key developments are expected on the issue of Dawn Leaks today (Tuesday) and a middle way is being anticipated which could defuse the tensions created on Saturday.

The perception of strains between state institutions emerged on Dawn Leaks controversy. Sources linked to the ruling party remain firm on the stance that federal government surrenders before the supremacy of constitution and law and anticipates the same from all other stakeholders. Against this backdrop, if any organization has concerns on any issue, it would approach federal government in line with law. The move to vehemently challenge the federal government’s step is not appropriate.

Meanwhile, news are stemming that intelligence agencies are probing the issue of Dawn Leaks on their behalf in bid to halt any such incidents in future for once and all. In this pretext, political analysts are tagging notification of interior ministry highly important. On Saturday, interior minister said that his ministry would issue notification on basis of report.

The said notification will clears cloud. Either it can ease tensions or a new political scenario can gush out from it. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has arrived in Islamabad and is expected to meet his legal counsels on the issue.

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