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Dar says economy should not suffer due to political differences

ISLAMABAD, May 21 (DNA): Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has stated that the country”s economy should not suffer as a result of political differences, further suggesting that a document similar to the Charter of Democracy that caters to the economy of the country needs to be signed.While addressing to the Pre-budget seminar in Islamabad on Saturday, Dar said that the political parties of the country need to work on a concrete strategy regarding economy.

He added that the political rivals need to sit together and come up with a plan instead of raising mere slogans. He further said that if all the political adversaries work together in harmony then the country s economic growth rate (GDP) can reach 8 percent.

Dar said that it is the responsibility of the provinces to do investments. He stated that those who claimed that the country s economy cannot prosper are speechless today. He also said that investigation shall be carried out against those involved in loan waiving. He also said that if certain individuals are made in-charge of various institutions then all one might get to hear is all good .

“Those who tell lies on bigger forums should be ashamed of themselves”, he said, further adding that the discretionary funds of the Prime Minister (PM) and other ministers have been curtailed.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Asad Umar while addressing the seminar said that his party is willing to cooperate with the government in regards to basic reforms in the tax collection system. He also proposed that institutions involved in tax collection and reforms need to function without any external influence if the revenue generation is to be increased. He further said that tough decisions need to be taken if further burden is not be placed upon the country s economy that is already stuck in swamp.

Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif s special assistant Haroon Akhtar predicted that the people shall be given relief in this year s budget. Economic expert Dr Ashfaq Hussain also suggested that in order to increase revenues, employment opportunities in the country should be increased along with making institutions responsible for tax collection as autonomous. Economic expert Saqib Sherani said that the government is not paying importance to basic sectors including health and education. DNA

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