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Danish, Pakistani companies can forge partnerships: envoy

Danish envoy

ISLAMABAD, 09 AUG (DNA) – The Pakistani textiles industry faces serious challenges regarding water and energy costs. One of the solutions to make the industry more globally competitive is to use innovative enzyme solutions to reduce overall costs.

According to a statement issued by the Danish Embassy on Tuesday, to highlight the solutions within sustainable biochemistry, the Royal Danish Embassy, in collaboration with the global industry leader, Novozymes, is organizing a series of seminars, business meetings, and textile mill visits in Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi this week.

Speaking at the first seminar in Lahore, Mr. Jakob Rogild Jakobsen, Charge d’ Affaires of the Royal Danish Embassy, said that “Danish companies are known for their innovation and technically proven solutions to some of the key challenges being faced by industry in Pakistan. Danish and Pakistani companies can forge partnerships in variety of sectors to benefit from each other’s competences”.

In the area of textiles where textile industry of Pakistan is constantly faced with challenges of energy and water shortage as well as high cost of raw materials that directly hampers its competitiveness in the international market, sustainable technological solutions can support the industry in mitigating these challenges.

“Sustainable business practices, improved quality and innovation should not come at a price of competitiveness,” said Jens Kolind, Vice President Technical Industries at Novozymes. “Novozymes understands the value for the Pakistan Textile industry to continue to remain competitive in the Global Textile Arena and would like to support this with the help of our solutions.”

Some of the solutions presented during the seminars showed that energy costs could be cut by 25%, water consumption reduced by up to 75%, processing temperatures reduced to 20oC and processes shortened by up to 90 minutes.

While addressing the participants of the seminar Mr. Assar Qureshi, Commercial Counsellor at the Royal Danish Embassy, added that “Denmark is eager to further strengthen and enhance bilateral trade ties with Pakistan as the current level of bilateral trade – though steadily increasing – has much more potential to grow”. He emphasized that business to business contacts are crucial in increasing bilateral trade and appreciated the visit of the Novozymes delegation to Pakistan by adding that being closer to customer is the key strategy and advantage of Danish companies. Denmark has played a positive role in granting Pakistan GSP+ status which has especially benefitted the textiles industry in Pakistan.

“With the launch of the global goals on sustainable development it was the right time to highlight once again the message of sustainability and quality in processing to the Textile industry of Pakistan,” says Shujaat Hussain Alavi, Industry Sales Manager at Novozymes.

Christian Wieth, Novozymes’ Senior Global Marketing Manager for textiles further added that “saving time, water and energy through Novozymes biosolutions results in reduced production costs, which adds a strong competitive edge to business while showing consideration for use of natural resources.”

The Embassy of Denmark has further delegations planned to Pakistan in the areas of water technology, agribusiness, and the power sector. DNA

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