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Cultivating the indigenous spirit of Pakistani culture

Cultivating the indigenous spirit of Pakistani culture

Ghazala Anbreen

After the partition of the Subcontinent, a new determination had ensued that we had to surpass India. The limited number of Muslims were more zealous and far more ambitious than the Muslims in the rest of the world. They had a psychological edge. Their belief was staunch that despite being in the minority, they always defeated the majority.

A battle cannot only be won on the battlefield, it can be won in the field of sports also. Pakistan used to be number one in hockey and for many years it continuously defeated India. It also took the lead in the creative television drama and entertainment field. The films were liked by the majority, however, TV gradually created a new kind of entertainment that pleased all the classes. Our writers of that period wrote dramas that satisfied the demands and the needs of the visual screen.

    At that time our writers were very mature and they captured the pulse of the times. They understood the feelings and problems of the common man on the street. So TV plays and TV entertainment created a new kind of culture amongst the people of Pakistan.

    This credit does not go to one individual, rather every individual was a warrior. From the 1900s to 1980s the passion and sincerity remained somewhat predominant.

    The Spirit of the past must be revived in modern times too. Unfortunately in the present times, people are very much impressed with Western culture. Artificial glamour has impressed them. But they have chosen the wrong model.  This is the reason that although we claim to be modern, we lack the reform aspect. The part of the world where we dwell has remained very aloof from the rest of the world in the past.

    Our folk stories and Sufi poets were just limited to the son of the soil and most of the time they were pleading with them to compromise with the system. Had those messages been of revolutionary orientation, the whole nature and struggle of this part of the world would have been more forward-looking.

    It is nice to know about one’s past but it is necessary to learn from the mistakes that made us aloof from the world. Today is the age of global networking. Therefore, keeping in mind the universal message which also fulfills the needs of the present day times must be the target behind all the entertainment genres that must be produced and shown to the people.

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