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CM Punjab emphasizes agricultural growth as key to economic prosperity

CM Punjab

LAHORE, Dec 18: /DNA/ – Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan Jameel Ahmad called on Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi to discuss the prevailing economic situation and matters relating to The Bank of Punjab & The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank.

CM Naqvi expressed his commitment to increasing production by implementing measures such as providing subsidies and soft loans to the farmers. Recognizing the need to alleviate the financial burden on small-scale farmers, he emphasized that fostering higher production is paramount. The anticipated positive outcomes include widespread benefits from enhanced economic activities in the agricultural and other sectors, he noted.

The CM also highlighted the significance of achieving record cotton production in Punjab, projecting substantial savings of two billion dollars in foreign exchange. Mr Naqvi pointed out that the rice export from Punjab has exceeded two billion dollars as the provincial government was following a policy of providing comprehensive facilities to investors and industrialists, foreseeing positive ramifications in the form of a thriving stock exchange.

Recognizing that enhanced production of cotton, rice and other crops will contribute positively to the national economy, the SBP governor expressed optimism about the future economic landscape and commended CM Punjab for his valuable initiatives to improve different sectors including agriculture.

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