Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Chinese environmental protection experiences can be learned: Dr. Masood

ISLAMABAD, June 1 : “We surely do have examples from China, and there are many lessons learned from adjoining countries of their best practices.

Whether we discuss forest protection with China or any European country, the main point is that we need to adopt the best practices.” Dr. Masood Arshad, Senior Director, Water, Food and Climate at WWF- Pakistan said according to Gwadar Pro.

After the initiation of CPEC, a lot of collaboration is taking place between China and Pakistan. Dr. Masood Arshad believes that Pakistan can benefit from the Chinese experience for ecosystem restoration, forests protection, water conservation, flood control, etc.

“Whether it’s watershed management, flood control strategy, forest cover improvement, rain lands or natural resources, we should learn their advanced experiences.

There are many innovations like planting through drones or seed balls, and all of these have been learned from the region and we are implementing them here,” said Dr. Masood Arshad.

While forests provide a habitat and a home to different animals, deforestation has caused many wild animal breeds to get extinct. A few animals, like Snow Leopards, Common Leopards, the Ungulate animals, Ibex, Markhors, and Urials, are facing issues either due to deforestation, hunting, or excess of humans.

However, Dr. Masood Arshad holds positive about the restoration of this ecosystem. “Now, thanks to the campaign in Pakistan, we are getting lots of positive responses. New national parks and protected areas are being established and veterinarians are being recruited. These things will allow our future generations to enjoy wildlife.” he said.

To date Pakistan has made great efforts in environmental protection on both national and international levels, projects, be it billion tree planting, electric vehicle policy, or Green Pakistan, have gained a lot of support.

As this year’s World Environment Day, themed “Restore Our Earth”, is soon to be hosted by Pakistan on 5 June, Dr. Masood Arshad said it’s very lucky that United Nations Environment Program(UNEP) has chosen Pakistan to celebrate it, and this is a matter of great honor for Pakistan.

He mentioned that to celebrate this, not only WWF but also many other organizations are taking it forward. “We have about 20-25 different projects that we are handling in the field. Pakistan is progressing in improving its forests land, and we are trying to hold a program on a national level with the Ministry of Climate Change.”

“We are trying to involve the private sector with us as well so that they should be aware and can help us support the environment of Pakistan in the future,” he added.

Recently, the world has faced issues due to climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus it’s high time that we should appropriately manage the relation between Mother Earth and this pandemic, strengthening our relationship with nature.

“We should all play our role as an individual, as a society, or even as an organization. We should work to protect our forests. The different corporate sector, CBO institutions, and other organizations should all work together to support this wave of positivity and help in the progress of Pakistan.” said Dr. Masood Arshad, giving his messages.

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