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Chairman PRCS meets Swiss Ambassador

Chairman PRCS meets Swiss Ambassador

ISLAMABAD, JUN 4 /DNA/ – Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan, George Steiner, commended the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) for its outstanding service during natural disasters and crises.

He emphasized that while all countries have been affected by climate change, Pakistan has suffered particularly severe impacts.

By aiding flood-affected families, PRCS has honored its mandate and fulfilled its duty to humanity. Ambassador Steiner expressed these sentiments during a meeting with PRCS Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmad Laghari who visited the Swiss Embassy on Tuesday.

The meeting addressed various subjects such as Pak-Swiss relations, mutual cooperation, and the urgent humanitarian challenges brought about by climate change.

Ambassador Steiner noted that Pakistan ranks seventh on the climate risk index, which is extremely concerning, and emphasized the need for active participation and stringent measures to combat global warming.

He commended Chairman Laghari for his efforts to modernize the PRCS and enhance diplomatic relations. Additionally, he acknowledged the significant actions taken by PRCS under Laghari’s leadership, highlighting the ongoing and future initiatives dedicated to serving humanity.

Furthermore, Ambassador Steiner assured new avenues of support for PRCS. The meeting concluded with both parties exchanging commemorative souvenirs, marking the occasion as a step forward in fostering deeper collaboration between Pakistan and Switzerland.

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