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Capoeira’ builds important bridge between Pakistan and Brazil: envoy

ISLAMABABAD, 17 FEB, (DNA) – Ambassador of Brazil to Pakistan, Alfredo Leoni has said that the introduction of Brazilian martial art, Capoeira in Pakistan can build an important bridge between Pakistan and Brazil, and Brazilians and Pakistanis. The ambassador stated this while addressing to a ceremony in honour of two Pakistan athletes, Shayan Ali and Mirwais, who just came from Brazil, in Islamabad on Monday. These athletes were sent to Brazil by Brazilian Embassy in Islamabad for an advance training course in the Brazilian traditional sports Capoeira at ABADA Capoeira training centre in Rio de Janeiro. On the occasion, the Brazilian Ambassador, Alfredo Leoni said that Shayan Ali and Mirwais` trip to Brazil was a significant additional step in making Capoeira known in Pakistan and, at the same time, establishing another important bridge between Brazil and Pakistan, and Brazilians and Pakistanis.

Ambassador Leoni strongly believes in people-to-people diplomacy. Capoeira is not only sports but it is also education and culture.

He further said that in their stay in Rio de Janeiro, Shayan and Mirwais could improve their knowledge of and training in Capoeira. They also experienced life in Rio de Janeiro and became friends to a number of Brazilians.

Ambassador Leoni hoped that Shayan and Mirwais` trip to Brazil will help in promoting the Capoeira classes, given at the Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad on regular basis and free of charge.

Ambassador Leoni expressed his gratitude to Master Canguru, the head of “ABADA Capoeira” training center in Rio de Janeiro, and to Ms. Iara Lee, a Brazilian national who is the founder of the non-profit organization “Cultures of Resistance Network” who greatly sponsored Shayan and Mirwais` Capoeira training course in Brazil.

A video documentary, made by Shayan on his experience in Capoeira training in Brazil, was then shown to the public. After the screening of the video, Shayan and Mirwais spoke about their trip to Brazil and answered questions of the audience.

Shayan Ali said that Pakistan is now affiliated with ABADA Capoeira in Brazil and for the first time Capoeira is officially going to start in Pakistan.

He said that he feels honored to be the part of Capoeira . All credit goes to the Embassy of Brazil in Islamabad for its efforts to promoting Brazilian martial art. An official website of Capoeira for Pakistan, has also been registered.

Mirwais said that he is very hopeful for the future of Capoeira in Pakistan. With the help of Capoeira young generation can be engaged to healthy activities. Capoeira not only builds self-confidence but is very helpful in developing social skills.

Capoeira is the traditional wrestling sports of Brazil or the Brazilian martial art. It combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.

 It is known for quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins and highly mobile techniques. Originally from Africa, Capoeira was taken to Brazil by African forced labour (slaves) from 17th to 19th centuries.

Capoeira no longer exists in Africa. On the other hand, it flourished in Brazil. Today, Capoeira is practiced all over the world. In November 2014, Capoeira gained the United Nations heritage status. DNA

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