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Bushra Bibi facing serious life threats: PTI

Bushra Bibi facing serious life threats: PTI


ISLAMABAD, APR 3: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership expressed alarmed that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi was facing serious life threats, who was being slow poisoned solely under the ‘Khan Elimination Project’; however they vowed they would not tolerate any laxity relating to her safety and security come what may.

They demanded that their serious apprehensions regarding the slow poisoning and threats to her life should be addressed sans any further delay or else they would chalk out a strategy within few days to give a strong reaction to this inhuman and shameful treatment being meted out with Bushra Bibi.

Speaking at a press conference along with PTI senior leaders Khalid Khurshid, Shaukat Basra and Kanwal Shauzab, PTI Central Information Secretary said that they were really concerned about the safety and security of Bushra Bibi, as he was given poisonous food that badly damaged her health.

He said that despite lapse of five weeks, Bushra Bibi did not recovery rather her health deteriorated further.

Raoof reiterated that the current rulers crossed all limits of barbarism and fascism as they are worst of the worst autocracy, which could be judged from their ham-handed approach towards the women.

PTI CIS made it clear that they demanded that instant orders should be given regarding medical examination of Bushra Bibi and her blood sample should be sent abroad because no such laboratory existed in Pakistan to prepare a blood report of slow poisoning. “We demanded that she should be shifted to Adila Jail immediately,” he demanded.

Moreover, Raoof recalled that they demanded that Bushra Bibi medical examination should be conducted by doctors from Shoukat Khanum hospital.

However, he lamented that despite lapse of months, not a single of their demands was met even in the face of her deteriorating health condition.

PTI SIC made it clear that it was part of the “Khan Elimination Project” under which they first tried to eliminate him politically but they fell flat and then they attempted to eliminate him physically but Allah protected him.

He went on to say that under the third phase, they implicated him in terrorism cases in the name of May 9 incidents, adding that it series of the notorious London Plan.

“We demanded judicial inquiry into May 9 incidents but instead of holding an inquiry into the incidents, PTI leadership and workers were being punished without digging out the related facts and events of May 9 incidents,” he added.

Talking about judges’ letters, Raoof said that Chief Justice of Pakistan did not have any justification and logic to have meeting with the executive over the letter episode since they addressed the letter to Supreme Judicial Council and the premier himself accomplice in the matter.

He lamented that CJP spent much time during hearing of the judges’ letter case to explain and justify his meeting with Shehbaz Sharif because efforts were being made at SC level to put the thing under carpet.

“We believed that the CJP made the case and his own conduct controversial by holding meeting with PM,” Raoof maintained.

Talking about suspected letters laced with anthrax powder, he said that letters with power sent to IHC judges yesterday and today the judges of apex courts and LHC received similar threatening.

Raoof said that the government did not Rishma because she would have been in safe haven because the government was doing all shameful acts to pressurize judges so as no one could talk about the destruction they inflicted on the country.

He went on to say that judges should not criticize PTI social media because they should bear in mind it was not PTI guilt but of PML-N goons who raided SC building, adding that similarly neither PTI leaders were held responsible for Justice Qayyum and Shehbaz phone call nor for buying Balochistan High Court (BHC).

Talking about judges’ helplessness, he said that Iman Khan told media that judges who gave decisions against him sent message of their helplessness, adding that the judges should disclose the forces pressuring them to give decisions against Imran Khan who hijacked the country system in totality.

He said that there was no constitution and no rule of law in the country and even morality had been buried altogether.

“We should be informed about the forces that virtually hijacked the entire system of the country and even the judges were helpless before them” Raoof demanded, adding that if they wanted to play a game they should come in the open so as we could know them.

About grant alliance, Raoof said that a grant alliance of six political parties believed in democracy decided to fight the war of supremacy of constitution and upholding the rule of law together.

Therefore, he said that they united at one platform and they would launch their political struggle after eid and they would hold thier first public meeting on April 12 in Pishin.

Speaking on the occasion, former GB CM Khalid Khurshid lashed out at the authorities concerned for denying facilities of medical examination to Bushra Bibi despite his fast deteriorating health condition.

He demanded formation of media penal comprising of reputed medical doctors immediately to examine her health condition.

Khalid stated that she was kept in jail just to hurt Imran Khan, demanding that she should be shifted to Adila jail instantly.

He warned that if their demands were not fulfilled that would give strong reaction and would come to the roads.

Speaking on the occasion, Shaukat Basra said that there was a law of jangle in the country.

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