Sunday, April 14, 2024
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British High Commissioner still not invited to present credentials: He stops using “ designate” anymore

ISLAMABAD, (DNA) – The new British High Commissioner-designate to Pakistan Thomas Drew is yet to present his credentials to the President of Pakistan. According to diplomatic sources this delays is unprecedented and speaks volumes for soared ties between Pakistan and Britain. He has stopped using “designate” with his name anymore.
The diplomatic sources told DNA that in the past the British and the United States ambassadors used to present credentials on one-on-one basis. They never presented credentials along with other ambassadors and high commissioners. In the US case, the tradition is still in vogue while in the UK case it seems to have changed albeit for only a short period of time.
Sources believe, the recent tug-of-war between Pakistan and the government of United Kingdom on the issue of Altaf Hussain has led to straining of relations between the two countries. While the sources strongly believe the current tense situation may not last for a longer period of time, nevertheless it may take some time to return to normalcy. =DNA

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