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Biometric payment system will eradicate the role of middleman: Marvi

KARACHI,JUNE 25 (DNA) -Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is committed to facilitate its beneficiaries to the maximum extent possible. In this regard BISP is shortly introducing bio metric based payment system in Multan, Mianwali, Mirpur Khas and Sanghar for those beneficiaries who have smart cards to draw their funds said Mr Naeem Anwar , Director General, BISP Sindh

Statement issued from Regional Director General Office Karachi @ Sindh the biometric system for withdrawing BISP grant would be introduced across the country after effective tests.
Due to the reason it is expected that payments to these beneficiaries may be delayed by three weeks. However, BISP is ensuring that these beneficiaries will get the benefits of the system in due course.
BISP awards financial support of Rs4, 700 to 5.3 million beneficiaries on quarterly basis via Benazir Debit Card (BDC). Diverting the payment system to biometrics will eradicate the role of middleman, He said. Many BISP beneficiaries were illiterate and unable to operate ATMs. For this simple task, he said, freebooters charge a fee from simple folks.
The beneficiaries would be able to draw the amount by using their CNIC along with biometrics. There will be no more requirement of a non-personalized, bank specific debit card which will ensure that cash grant is directly going to beneficiary women’s hand instead of anyone else.
The biometric system will allow beneficiaries to draw their sums from ATMs without any hassle and we apologize in advance for this small delay please.=DNA

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