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Bilawal asks Nawaz to strive to earn ‘respect for vote’ than disrespecting it

PPP lawyers to represent Chairman Bilawal on 13th

QUETTA, Dec 02 (DNA): Chairman of the People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto
Zardari Saturday asked PML-N supremo and former three-time prime
minister Mian Nawaz Sharif to strive to earn respect for the vote rather
than disrespecting it.

In a press conference, he asked Sharif to contest the elections on his
own strength and advocated for a level playing field for all candidates.

“We don’t want politics of hatred and personal revenge,” stated Bhutto
Zardari, emphasizing the People’s Party’s commitment to inclusive and
constructive politics.

He said that there was a dire need to introduce a new style of politics.
“The politics revolving around hatred are not going to be great for our
country,” Bhutto-Zardari said.

Bilawal expressed confidence in the People’s Party winning the upcoming
elections in Balochistan, vowing to form a government that addresses the
concerns of the people.

Highlighting the PPP’s historical contributions, Bilawal mentioned
President Asif Zardari’s initiatives such as the NFC Award and the Aghaz
Huqoq Balochistan Package, aimed at addressing the challenges faced by
the province.

Bilawal stressed the significance of the China-Pakistan Economic
Corridor (CPEC) for the future of Balochistan and Pakistan. He insisted
that the benefits of CPEC should directly impact the local population.

The PPP chairman pledged to solve the problems faced by the people of
Balochistan, particularly focusing on providing employment opportunities
for the youth. He highlighted the success of recent party activities and
expressed confidence in a positive surprise on February 8.

Bhutto Zardari emphasized the need for a shift towards positive
politics, urging a politics of consensus rather than confrontation.

He dismissed the notion of presenting any political figure as a messiah,
advocating for a collaborative approach to bring about change.

Discussing the implementation of the 18th Amendment, Bilawal promised
that if the People’s Party formed the government, it would transfer full
powers to Balochistan.

He underscored the importance of understanding and addressing the unique
challenges faced by the people of Balochistan.

He expressed the party’s commitment to building a youth centre in every
district and supporting vocational training. He emphasized the
responsibility of the PPP towards the youth and its dedication to
creating job opportunities.

The PPP chairman reaffirmed the party’s commitment to human rights and
stressed the importance of the rule of law. He highlighted the party’s
stance on serious crimes and reiterated that there would be no
compromise on those involved.

Bilawal also acknowledged the challenges posed by the National
Accountability Bureau (NAB) and expressed his commitment to focus on the
welfare of the people and the positive development of Balochistan.

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