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Azerbaijan MoD: Military operations target only legitimate military objectives, ensuring civilian safety

Azerbaijan MoD


BAKU, SEPT 20: The Ministry of Defense held another briefing for media representatives. Head of the Press Service, Colonel Anar Eyvazov, at a briefing said: “The local anti-terrorist activities carried out by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh economic region continue.

In the course of the local anti-terrorist activities, 6 “Ural” military vehicles filled with mortar shells, and 4 mortars belonging to the Armenian armed forces formations were taken as war booty by the Azerbaijan Army Units.

In response to the disinformation of various natures that is widely disseminated in Armenian social media networks aimed at causing confusion among the international community, as well as to the false information that the Azerbaijan Armed Forces allegedly subject to fire civilian vehicles and ambulances I note that by taking advantage of the information technologies available in our modern era, all these unfounded claims can be proven to be baseless. So, if the opposing side’s claims had a real basis or were justified, they would post photos or videos on social media networks. I would also note that in order to form a false opinion in the international community, the possibility of the planned implementation of such crimes by the opposing side and accusing the Azerbaijani side of this is not excluded.

As part of the actions carried out by the Azerbaijan Armed Forces, civilians and civilian facilities are not attacked; Azerbaijan Army Units neutralize only legitimate military targets.

I would like to draw your attention to another important issue. The Armenian armed forces formations that are running out of ammunition, are leaving their long-term fortifications and reorganizing in residential areas. Besides this, they are trying to forcibly arm and involve the civilian population of the Karabakh region in combat positions.

We once again call on the formations of the Armenian armed forces stationed in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan to lay down their weapons and surrender, and we declare that only in this case anti-terrorist activities will be stopped.

At the same time, we urge the Armenians living in the region to stay away from the Armenian armed forces’ formations and not to support them. The Azerbaijan Army’s servicemen use printed leaflets to deliver these calls in various methods to local residents and gunmen. I present to you the mentioned facts and leaflets with the support of the technical staff.

Moreover, the information spread on some Armenian social media networks that the Azerbaijan Armed Forces allegedly subjected to fire the positions of the Russian peacekeeping contingent, temporarily stationed in the territory of Azerbaijan, while evacuating residents of Armenian origin, and the civilian convoy accompanied by them, is false and disinformation. In response to such unfounded claims, I declare that we are constantly in operational contact with the peacekeeping contingent and we are creating all conditions necessary for them to fulfill their duties.

Currently, local anti-terrorist activities of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces are ongoing. The Azerbaijan Army Units control the current situation.

The public will be regularly provided with additional information.”

During the briefing, videos reflecting the mentioned facts were shown to media representatives.

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