Sunday, September 24, 2023
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ASIA CUP: Mushfiq, Mithun look dangerous for Pakistan

ABU DHABI: (DNA) –  (17.0) Bangladesh 70-3 (Mushfiq 37*, Mithun 20*)

Shoaib Malik bowls

(16.0) Bangladesh 63-3 (Mushfiq 34*, Mithun 16*)

(15.5) FOUR! A full delivery at outside off stump, Mushfiq played a reverse sweeo to a great effect.

(15.1) FOUR! Swept away powerfully to square leg for a boundary.

Shadab Khan into the attack

(15.0) Bangladesh 55-3 (Mushfiq 26*, Mithun 16*)

(14.6) FOUR! Short and wide from Malik, Mushfiq cut it powerfully through cover for a four.

Shoaib Malik is the new bowler

(14.0) Bangladesh 48-3 (Mushfiq 24*, Mithun 11*)

(13.2) FOUR! Beautifully sweep shot from Mushfiq.

(13.0) Bangladesh 40-3 (Mushfiq 17*, Mithun 10*)

Junaid Khan bowls

(12.0) Bangladesh 38-3 (Mushfiq 16*, Mithun 9*)

Mohammad Nawaz continues

(11.0) Bangladesh 35-3 (Mushfiq 14*, Mithun 8*)

(10.5) FOUR! A good delivery from Hasan Ali got an outside edge of Mithun, but there was no slip to catch it.

Hasan Ali bowls

(10.0) Bangladesh 27-3 (Mushfiq 12*, Mithun 2*)

Mohammad Nawaz replaces Shaheen Shah Afridi

(9.0) Bangladesh 26-3 (Mushfiq 12*, Mithun 1*)

(8.3) FOUR! Full at off stump from Hasan Ali, Mushfiq played a beautiful cover drive for a boundary.

Hasan Ali replaces Junaid Khan

(8.0) Bangladesh 19-3 (Mushfiq 6*, Mithun 0*)

(7.5) FOUR! Short and wide from Shaheen, Mushfiq jumped and played a lofted cut for a boundary.

Shaheen Afridi bowls his fourth over

(7.0) Bangladesh 15-3 (Mushfiq 2*, Mithun 0*)

Junaid Khan continues to bowl from one end

(6.0) Bangladesh 13-3 (Mushfiq 1*, Mithun 0*)

Shaheen Shah Afridi continues

(5.0) Bangladesh 12-3 (Mushfiq 0*, Mithun 0*)

(4.2) OUT! Incredible delivery from Junaid Khan to Liton Das, bowled from around the stumps, it pitched in line and just moved away to get him clean bowled.

Junaid Khan bowls his third over

(4.0) Bangladesh 12-2 (Liton 6*, Mushfiq 0*)

(3.5) OUT! Beautiful delivery from Shaheen Afridi destroyed Mominul Haq’s stumps.

(3.4) FOUR! Shaheen Afridi bowls this one on the legs of Mominul Haq’s legs and he whipped it for a boundary.

Shaheen Afridi continues

(3.0) Bangladesh 5-1 (Liton 4*, Mominul 0*) 

(2.5) OUT! A short delivery from Junaid Khan hurries Soumya Sarkar and he only managed a top edge. He goes for a duck.

Junaid Khan continues

(2.0) Bangladesh 3-0 (Liton 3*, Sarkar 0*) 

Shaheen Shah Afridi bowls the second over.

(1.0) Bangladesh 3-0 (Liton 3*, Sarkar 0*) 

Junaid Khan starts off proceedings for Pakistan, Soumya Sarkar and Liton Das are openers for Bangladesh.

Pakistan team management has decided to bring Junaid Khan into the playing squad in today’s do-or-die match against Bangladesh in place of Mohammad Amir.

Pakistan hoping to make a comeback in Asia Cup 2018 and reach the final to be played on Sunday against India.

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