Monday, September 26, 2022
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Around 24 PTI MNAs staying in Sindh House, claims Raja Riaz

KARACHI: /DNA/ – Ahead of the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, around 24 members of the PTI are currently staying at the Sindh House.

PTI’s disgruntled member of the National Assembly Raja Riaz claimed on Wednesday that if Prime Minister Imran Khan assures all MNAs that no action will be taken against those who decided to vote against him on the day of the no-confidence motion, they are ready to go back to the Parliament Lodges.

Speaking to Geo News, PTI MNAs Malik Nawab Sher Waseer and Riaz said that around 24 PTI members have been staying in the Sindh House right now. He further said that many other ministers are ready to come here, however, PML-N is unable to accommodate all the members.

Riaz, who is a member of the Jahangir Tareen Group, told journalist Hamid Mir that the disgruntled members would vote for the no-confidence motion against PM Imran Khan in “accordance with their conscience.”

Waseer also said he would not contest the next general elections on a PTI ticket.

While Riaz claimed that 24 members are staying in the Sindh House, Hamid Mir said that according to his counting, “20 PTI MNAs are present in Sindh House.”

The senior journalist said that several disgruntled leaders are avoiding the camera; however, he said that all of them have confirmed that the reason for staying at the Sindh House is out of fear.

“The disgruntled members fear that the government will take action against them similar to the March-10 raid by police on the Parliament Lodges,” Mir confirmed.

Reacting to Riaz’s statement, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry said that some “lotay” have been identified after they feared that action would be taken against them.

Taking to his official Twitter account, the minister wrote: “Had they been conscientious, they would have tendered their resignations.”

He urged the speaker of the National Assembly to take action against these “traitors” and demanded a lifetime disqualification for them.

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