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ANF Youth Ambassadors convention held

RAWALPINDI, 07 APR (DNA) – Anti Narcotic Forces has organized Youth Ambassador Convention in Rawalpindi which concluded on Thursday.

ANF Youth Ambassadors Convention was organized at Topi Rakh Auditorium, Ayub National Park, and Rawalpindi from 6 to 7 April 2016.

DG ANF Major General Nasir Dilawar Shah HI(M) was the chief guest of the event. The occasion was addressed by Professor Dr Rizwan Taj (PIMS), Professor Dr Bushra (FJWU), Mr Mansoor Ahmed (Ex Hockey Olympian), Senior Analyst Mr SK Niazi, Hasnain Ali Abbasi (President National Youth Assembly), Professional Youth Motivators Sidra Zafar and Zaydan Khan  and Force Commander ANF Brig Ramzan Gill.

Event was attended by Youth Ambassadors, International Partners, NCD, NGOs, Media Persons, Teacher Community and Students from Quid-e-Azam University, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Federal Urdu University, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Islamic International University, NUML, Foundation University, Preston University and various government / private schools and colleges.

ANF Youth Ambassadors Program is basically homed on to take youth on board for awareness / drug abuse prevention with the message “Say No To Drugs”.  It aims at promoting mass awareness against drug abuse, highlighting emerging trends of drug abuse in society, raising awareness amongst youth specially children, parents and teachers.

It also provide a platform for projecting youth talent and confidence building and to channelize role of youth in serving humanity and society without any  discrimination & exploitation. While addressing the occasion DG ANF stated that ANF Youth Forum has already achieved significant successes i.e. creation of a country-wide Youth Hierarchy and multi-directional forum to engage society. Moreover, online communication system ( made this forum quite accessible, readily available as well as time & cost effective.

 DG apprised the audiences that its success can well be estimated that since its inception in June 2014, it has over 5000 active Youth Ambassadors throughout the country, who will definitely be inflicting very positive effects on Pakistani Society in future.

He further emphasized that problem of drug abuse cannot be surmounted without the active participation of all segments of the society; hence warrants concerted endeavors by all through a multi pronged and well integrated strategy.

 While talking about ANF Enforcement measures, DG ANF announced that in near future ANF is going to launch a special “Anti-Drug Drive” in major cities of the country, for which ANF intelligence network is in the process of monitoring and evaluating its targets. Soon there will be a boost in already underway anti-drug operations especially focusing on all provincial capitals and Islamabad.

Other participants highlighted Drug Challenges to Youth, Effects of Drugs on Health, Role of Sports in Fighting against Narcotics, Role of Academic Institutions against Drug Abuse Role of Media against Drug Abuse and National Responsibilities of Youth in Drug Awareness. Peer pressure was recognized as the core cause of addiction amongst students and street children.

Basic purpose of the convention was to motivate the youth to join hands with ANF in making “Drug Free Society” as well as to inculcate instinctive reaction to “Say No To Drugs” at the very outset. The event also emphasized to organize healthy opportunities to youth, hence providing constructive alternate recreational  informational social works.

The venue was decorated with Anti Narcotics posters, placards and advertisements. At the end DG ANF presented souvenirs to acknowledge the efforts / contribution for “Youth Ambassadors Program” towards Drug Free Society. DNA

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