Friday, June 21, 2024
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Amnesty Int’l Chief criticizes military trials

Amnesty Int'l Chief criticizes military trials

KARACHI, MAY 21: Amnesty International’s Secretary General Dr. Agnès Callamard spoke against civilians being tried by military courts in Pakistan.

She emphasized transparency, due process, and judicial independence, urging Pakistan to uphold international obligations for fair trials.

Dr. Callamard criticized the ban on Twitter (formerly X) in Pakistan, calling it disproportionate and against international law.

She highlighted shrinking space for freedom of expression in Pakistan, particularly concerning journalists and criticism of state institutions.

Dr. Callamard raised concerns about human rights violations in India under PM Modi’s leadership, including repression of civil society and religious minorities.

She criticized the international community’s double standards in responding to conflicts, citing leniency towards Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Dr. Callamard commended countries like Pakistan and South Africa for upholding international law and seeking justice through the International Court of Justice.

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