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All sectors of the economy must be developed equally: President



Pakistan needs investment, foreign exchange and economic activities and the business community of the country is playing an important role in this regard, Khursheed Barlas.



Islamabad (PR) The closing ceremony of the second Pakistan International Property Expo and Convention organized by the Pakistan Association of Exhibition Industry was held at the President’s House.

In which a large number of foreign diplomats, members of the housing and construction sector, government officials and various business communities associated with the tourism industry participated. Addressing the ceremony, the President said that the government is focusing on the development of the construction and housing sector. is giving because it has played a significant role in creating employment opportunities in the country, driving growth and economic development and meeting the housing needs of the growing population.

President Dr. Arif Alvi has stressed the need to adopt environment-friendly, energy-saving and cost-effective construction and housing methods to provide quality housing to the people, saying that promoting vertical construction in the country will help the poor. And providing low-cost and affordable housing to the lower middle class can help overcome space scarcity in urban areas, prevent unplanned growth of cities and protect agricultural land from encroachment. The President said. That no society can develop until it lifts the weak and poor sections of the society out of the trap of poverty.

He said that public and private sectors need to work together to rehabilitate slum dwellers and solve their problems. He said that slums are suffering from lack of urban facilities, inclusive and poor-friendly development should be promoted in the country so that no one is left behind and the fruits of development reach all sections of the population. Instead of concentrating activities and initiatives in a few urban centers, active steps should be taken to bring the less developed areas of the country at par with other areas.

The President urged the business community to take active and practical steps to increase the representation and participation of women in various sectors of the economy, especially the housing and construction sector. He called for inclusion of women in trade including providing a conducive, women-friendly and harassment-free environment at workplaces. The President said that all sectors of the economy must be developed equally, public and private sectors should find a comprehensive solution to the problems faced by the economy.

. He expressed his full confidence in Pakistan’s human and natural resources and the nation’s ability to deal with the challenges they face. The President also emphasized the need to encourage experts in every sector, including housing and construction. He also made joint ventures globally in various sectors to promote Brand Pakistan and organized exhibitions, seminars and conferences in all parts of Pakistan and around the world to promote trade and investment (PAE). I) praised the administration.

Speaking at the ceremony, the founding chairman of Pakistan International Property Expo and Convention, Khurshid Barlas said that Pakistan International Property Expo and Convention is making efforts to promote Pakistan, improve the reputation of Pakistan, and increase trade and investment in the country. Islamabad Property Expo proved that business conditions can be improved if patronized. I am very grateful to all these institutions and our partners who supported us and played their full role in making this Islamabad Expo a success. what Chairman Khurshid Barlas said that our aim is to bring investment in the country and increase exports. Around 500 different events, conferences, seminars and expos have been organized He said that Pakistan needs investment, foreign exchange and economic activities and the business community of the country is playing an important role in this regard. He also emphasized on regulating the construction sector of the country and training people involved in construction and housing sector. Earlier, the President distributed shields to the representatives of the companies in the housing and construction sector for their exceptional performance.

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