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Afghanistan, Turkmenistan to hold business forum in Ashgabat


KABUL, MAR 2: The acting Minister of Industry and Commerce (MoIC), Nooruddin Azizi, leading a high-level economic and trade delegation to Turkmenistan, said that the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan Business Forum will take place on Monday in Ashgabat.

Azizi emphasized that alongside the mentioned conference, an exhibition showcasing Afghan products will also be held in Ashgabat, aiming to enhance the trade relations between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

“Turkmenistan is prepared to engage in some beneficial contracts related to Afghan products, particularly in our marble, metal, and other unique Afghan products. We also have some women from the private sector included in the delegation,” Azizi said.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines stated that the purpose of the exhibition in Ashgabat is to market the country’s products.

“Our request from Turkmenistan and the President of Turkmenistan would be to grant us a subsidy in the export sector, reducing the high customs duties on Afghan goods,” said Shirbaz Kaminzada, head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Industry and Mines.

In addition, fifteen female businesswomen from Afghanistan have traveled to Turkmenistan to take part in the exhibition.

“I hope that at a regional level, with neighboring countries that share borders with Afghanistan, a trade corridor can be established between Afghan women and the regional level,” Fariba Noori, an Afghan businesswomen told TOLOnews’ reporter in Ashgabat.

The acting Minister of Industry and Commerce, in meeting with trade officials of Turkmenistan, discussed various issues such as increasing trade between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, creating special facilities in the transit sector, and addressing banking challenges faced by traders from both countries.

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