Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani refuses offer to visit Pakistan


KABUL, MAY 04, (DNA) – President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani has refused the offer to visit Pakistan, Aaj News reported.

Ghani’s deputy spokesman said President will not visit Pakistan he has refused this offer ina meeting with Pakistani delegates.

The President further added, “I will not go to Pakistan until Islamabad hands over perpetrators of Mazar Sharif, American University Kabul and Kandahar attacks to Kabul.”

An Afghan journalist, Muahmmad Milad Sikandari, on this occasion said that Pak-Afghan relation demands strict action against extremist groups and for this purpose Ghani has provided a list carrying names of terrorists to the delegation of Pakistan.

Earlier, authorities in Pakistan closed the Pak-Afghan border to carried out an intense operation against extremism after the state was rocked by five lethal attacks in a week.

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