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Afghan envoy calls on CG COMSTECH


Islamabad, Oct 4 (COMSTECH): Ambassador of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Sardar Ahmed Khan Shakeeb, met with Coordinator General, OIC- Ministerial Committee of Scientific and Technological Cooperation  (COMSTECH), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Chaudhary, at COMSTECH Secretariat on Tuesday morning.

Prof. Chaudhary highlighted the role of COMSTECH to strengthen the science and technology in 57 Muslim Countries. He informed about the ongoing joint programs with Palestine, Yemen, and Somalia. Coordinator General highlighted that the President of Pakistan , who is chairman of COMSTECH has emphasized the need of supportig high educaton and skill development in Afghanistan. In this regard various programs for the academic and reearch trainings of Afghan students and researchers in CCoE universities of Pakistan will be started.

The second part of the program will incorporate Afghanistan includes food security which is the dire need of the community. The Islamic organization for Food Security (IOFS), Kazakhstan and Pakistan Agriculture Research Council, Ministry of National Food Security and Research are organizing a workshop during February, 2023. This 3-Day joint IOFS-COMSTECH- PARC workshop on  “ Climate Resilient Wheat Crop Improvement for Food Security “ will dedicate oen day for the problems of wheat growing in drought conditions in Afghanistan under the theme of “Afghanistan Wheat Issue : Breeding Nutritious and Climate Resilient Varieties”.

In the third part of the program COMSTECH in collaboration with Health Services Acvademy and University of Lahore will help health sector in Afghanistan. He said we can work togather in Public Health in primary health settings, disease surveillance, medical technologies, ventilator, medicines and regulatory affairs to train Afghan healthcare workforce.

Sardar Ahmed Khan Shakeeb, Ambassador of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan thanked Prof. M. Iqbal Chaudhary and appreciated the outstanding work of COMSTECH for Muslim Ummah. He said that there are strong indications from leadership of Afghan government for people and government of Pakistan and OIC member states and COMSTECH close liaison. Mr. Shakeeb said that the Afghan students desire to study in Pakistan and other OIC member states and avail the opportunities. He assured that the embassy of Afghanistan is strongly committed to follow up proposals, programs and initiatives for the beneift of Aghan people.

Consultant Health initiatives COMSTECH, Dr. Abdur Rashid and Head of Political, Cultural and Education, Embassy of Afghanistan, Mr. Ali Mansoor Khaliqyar, were also present at this occasion.

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