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DG MO Pak Army rejectes baseless Indian allegations of mutilation of Indian Army Soldier’s bodies

DG MO Pak Army

RAWALPINDI, MAY 02, (DNA) – Routine weekly Hotline Contact was established between Pakistan and Indian DGs MO on 2 May 2017 at 1130 hrs (PST). DG MO Pakistan Army rejected baseless and unfounded Indian allegations of mutilation of Indian Army Soldier’s bodies by Pakistan Army . He reiterated that neither Cease Fire Vilations (CFV) occurred in the alleged Sector nor crossing of LoC by own troops has taken place.

DGMO Pakistan Army highlighted that Pakistan Army is a professional military outfit and upholds the highest standards of conduct. Allegations of mutilation are un Indian attempt to divert the attention of world from situation within the valley.

DGMO Pakistan Army asked for actionable evidence and urged that Indian Army should look inwards to probe the incidence and also cautioned his Indian counter part that we are fully committed to maintain peace and tranquility along the LoC, however, any disadventure shall be appropriately responded at a place and time of own choosing

DGMO Pakistan Amy also highlighted the issue of continuously targeting innocent civilians on LoC by Indian troops and apprised him that continuity of such action would invited appropriate response.

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