Friday, July 19, 2024
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22 tonnes of coal for Sahiwal power plant ‘disappears’ from train


LAHORE , FEB 03, (DNA) – Railway authorities have formed a three-member team to probe the whereabouts of 22 tonnes of coal that went missing from a hopper wagon in Sahiwal.

On the indication of Chinese officials, the concerning department has launched an investigation into the matter.

According to details, a train having 22 tonnes of coal on each of 18 hopper wagons left for Sahiwal from Karachi on Sunday.

The train stopped at various stations but the workers didn’t get to know about the disappearance of 22 tonnes coal from one hopper wagon.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pakistan Railways has advised the officials to hold strict monitoring of the trains and increase police security.

According to the spokesman, it was likely that the coal had fallen off a hopper wagon or someone mistakenly burned it.

These trains can unload in 30 seconds due to hydraulic system but the Pakistani authorities have to design a special locking device to avoid such incidents in future.

Moreover, the investigation team has been directed to submit report as early as possible.=DNA


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