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Saturday, June 13th, 2015


US ambassador Olson says he spent memorable time in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, JUNE 13 (DNA) –The US ambassador in Pakistan, Richard Olson has said his country attaches due importance to its relations with Pakistan adding cooperation between the two countries would continue to grow even in the prospect.Ambassador Olson was speaking on the occasion of a farewell dinner hosted in his and outgoing Portugal charge d Affaires honor by Dean of European Ambassadors Emilian ION.

Boko Haram guns down 37 in Nigeria

MAIDUGURI: Suspected Boko Haram gunmen killed 37 people in raids on five villages around Maiduguri, the capital of northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, a military source and a local village defence group said on Friday. The Islamist militants, who arrived on motorcycles and in four-wheel drive vehicles, fired into houses and shot fleeing locals on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, the military source said. “Reports indicated a total of 37 people were killed by the insurgents during the separate attacks,” said the source. Malum Idrissa, a member of a villageRead More

International Albinism Day: East African albinos face death threats

DODOMA: On International Albinism Day (13.06.2015), rights groups are raising awareness of the plights of albinos. In East Africa, albinos are considered outsiders and in Tanzania they face daily threats to their lives. The reason is superstition stirred by business people and traditional healers. They believe albinos have magical powers. They say special medications can be obtained from their bones. According to experts, body parts of albinos sell for hundreds of euros on the black market and people can be sold dead or alive for up to 65,000 euros. That’s theRead More

London school bans Muslim pupils from fasting in Ramazan

LONDON: A primary school trust in east London banned Muslim students from fasting on school grounds during Ramazan. The Barclay Primary School, which serves London’s Leyton area, told parents in a June 10 letter: “We have sought guidance and are reliably informed that in Islamic Law, children are not required to fast during Ramadan,” adding that previously, children at the school had fallen ill, fainted, or been “unable to fully access the school curriculum in their attempts to fast.” The school said it believed the health of children could suffer ifRead More

US warns Pakistan over expelling Save the Children

WASHINGTON: The United States warned Pakistan it was only hurting itself after Save the Children was expelled for “working against the country,” with Islamabad threatening to throw out more foreign aid groups. Pakistan has toughened its policies towards international aid groups in recent years, accusing them of being covers forspying operations, and has repeatedly warned them to restrict their activities, vowing stern action for any “suspicious” activity. Police and government officials sealed the Islamabad offices of Save the Children on Thursday, but gave no specific details of what the group was alleged to have done.Read More