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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


EU: Croatia, the 28th

Noman Alam Croatians can already think themselves smart, EU haven’t repeated the mistakes it did with Romania and Bulgaria’s speedy integration which resulted a flood of nearly a million people into the western countries.  Accession of Croatia can be named a very “smooth drive” into the EU family of 28 countries already.

IRAN ELECTION Hassan Rohani: expectations and Qualms

By: Muhammad Mehdi It was the blackest day in the history of Arab and Islam. The day was marked as ominous as that day Islamic hardliners, worst hostile to then Saudi government, illegally occupied Masjid-ul-Haram. Renowned US journalistYaroslav Trofimov   narrated in his book “The Siege of Macca” Saudi Government disconnected all sort of communication links  to keep the world in oblivion about the gruesome incident. Hence, neither Saudi Radio nor Television could broadcast and air any news to inform all and Sundry even the International community.