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CPEC transformed into strategic partnership: PM Khan


BEIJING, April 28 (DNA): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday vowed that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led federal government would ensure implementation of effective measures to facilitate investors in Pakistan.


He addressed and pledged that Pakistan’s government would eradicate all hurdles which resist foreign investors from investing in Pakistan.


Specifically, he praised Chinese investors for having foresight in terms of investment by stating that they were well aware of in which country to invest.


PM Khan has emphasised that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has transformed into a strategic partnership between Pakistan and China and encompasses more areas of cooperation.


Addressing Pakistan and China Investment Forum in Beijing on Sunday, he said CPEC that was considered a network of roads and a few power projects has now blossomed into various areas of cooperation today. He said a new area of that cooperation is agriculture that is backbone of our country.


He said Chinese help in seed development and agriculture development will help increase our agricultural productivity manifold. It will also increase growth trajectory in order to improve the lifestyle of our people.


Imran Khan said in today’s meetings with Chinese President and Premier, the issue of Chinese assistance in Science and Technology to Pakistan also came into discussion. He said we want to learn from Chinese expertise in information technology and other areas.


Imran Khan said his experience of two days in Road and Belt Forum, he came to the conclusion that even Chinese leadership would not have realized that this forum will evolve into a much bigger thing.


The concern among all the participating countries in forum was on climate change and how to mitigate its adverse impacts.


He said Pakistan is among one of the countries that have taken revolutionary steps to survive in the environment of climate change. Pakistan planted one billion trees to make the areas greener and to control the effects of changing climate.


Prime Minister said peace in Afghanistan will help increase connectivity between Pakistan and Central Asia and wider region. He said we are now engaged in helping the peace process in Afghanistan.


Imran Khan said there is a prospect of peace in Afghanistan after many years and Pakistan is playing its part in bringing Taliban and Afghan government representatives to sit together to resolve this decades old conflict.


Referring to India, he said we hope that Indian elections in the neighboring country are over soon and there is no incentive for Indian politicians to get votes on anti-Pakistan sentiment. He said we want to build a civilized relationship with our Eastern neighbor and there is a possibility that if we can resolve the Kashmir issue through dialogue, things can improve.


Prime Minister invited Chinese businesspersons to visit Pakistan and explore the investment opportunities in various sectors. He said Pakistan is looking towards relocation of Chinese industry in Pakistan. He said Pakistan is blessed with a youth bulge and its future is very bright.


The Prime Minister said the new government is giving incentives to Chinese businessmen and is also improving ease of doing business. He said Pakistan has become a secure country thanks to efforts and sacrifices of our security forces and intelligence agencies.


Chinese President Xi Jinping, while addressing a roundtable conference on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Beijing, urged the need to expedite work for basic infrastructure and industrial development to meet the challenges of economy being faced by the world.


President Jinping urged opening borders among the countries for boosting trade and to upgrade the living standards of people. He said BRI is an important forum for the economic development of the entire region. He also called for joint efforts to meet the challenges of climate change.


Jinping said market principles will apply in all Belt and Road cooperation projects and that his signature initiative to recreate the old Silk Road joining China with Asia and Europe will deliver green and high-quality development.


In his closing remarks, the Chinese president said this cooperation would enjoy higher quality and brighter prospects. He hailed deals worth more than 64 billion dollars, signed during the second BRI Forum meetings.


Total value of projects in the scheme stands at 3.67 trillion dollars, spanning countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania and South America. DNA




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