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Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al Jabir Al Sabah: a profile  

  Muhammad Shoaib Mirza

No doubt Muslims have made a number of achievements that would be mentioned as long as the world remains. The progress, Europe and developed countries are proud of today, is indebted to the Muslim. The inventions and research made by the Muslims scientists are the basis of today’s progress. Unfortunately the identity of Muslims is presented in a wrong way but we feel pleasure when the services of some Muslim are acknowledged. Recently we have a good tiding of such kind when the chieftain of Kuwait was awarded and knighted as the Leader of Human.

The secretary general of United Nations presented the award to him. The chieftain of Kuwait was awarded for providing financial aid to the projects for human service taking active part in social service and for valuable advices to the UNO.

The people of Kuwait celebrated upon receiving the award, granted to the chieftain. The chieftain of Kuwait SHEIKH SABAH AL AHMAD AL JABIR AL SABAH was born on 16th June 1929. He got his early education from al Mubarakah School. The then chieftain SHEIKH JABIR AL AHMAD appointed him as prime minister.

 Before this he held the position of foreign minister for forty years from 1963 to 2003. He is also honoured for being the foreign minister for the longest period the two sons of chieftain are alive SHEIKH NASEER is the minister of ruler’s court. Whereas SHAIKH HAMID is the other one of his daughters SHAIKH SALWA died of cancer. After that the chieftain named his palace the house of Salwa.

Kuwait is among the most prosperous countries. The citizens are contented and living opulently. The people of Kuwait love their chieftain. This is why the people of Kuwait celebrated excitedly for being their chieftain honoured by this award.

We from the Pakistani nation congratulate the chieftain of Kuwait SHEIKH SABAH AL AHMAD AL JABIR AL SABAH and the people of Kuwait form the core of heart and hope that the relations between both the Muslim brother countries will be strong and firm.

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