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Baluchistan Maze By Alam Rind

Situation in Baluchistan is not all that worst as is projected in the media. The main concern is that of missing persons and the alleged involvement of law enforcing agencies especially FC and ISI in their enforced disappearances. A dispassionate review of the situation reveals a number of facts, these includes 1) People in Baluchistan do go missing and their mutilated bodies are recovered every now and then. 2) FC and other law enforcing agencies have not been able to apprehend perpetrators of these crimes so far. 3) BLA and such like organizations are operating in the province with impunity to further their agenda. 4) There are indisputable footprints of foreign intelligence agencies operating in the province. 5) General law and order condition in the province is dismal owing to poor governance and rampant corruption. 6) FC and other law enforcing agencies are continuously blamed for forced disappearance of people etc. No one can shy away from these realities. The whole situation speaks volumes about ineffectiveness of the provincial government and indifferent attitude adopted by the concerned authorities.

Besides these failings there is an international dimension to the developments in the province. The human right issues in the province was first brought to the focus of international media consequent to the Congressional hearing of Baluchistan issue by US Committee on Foreign Affairs on February 8, 2012 headed by Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher. Present visit by UN team to investigate enforced disappearances in Baluchistan will give further hype to the issue. The visit will provide opportunity to the propagandists to fabricate innumerable stories to malign Pakistani security forces and to project Pakistan as a failed state. At the first place inviting UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearances to Pakistan was untimely. The damage the move will do to the image of Pakistan can’t be hushed up by the Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar by stating the UN team is not on a fact-finding mission. If not what are they here for? To promote human rights! How that would be possible without going into details about missing persons. Gets a clean chit from the visiting team would be an achievement for the government. But such an eventuality is highly improbable.
A look at the ground realities of Baluchistan reveals that Brahamdagh Bugti was supported by CIA and RAW in his defection to Afghanistan and subsequently to Switzerland after the death of his grandfather Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in an encounter with the army. Where, he is being actively supported by undercover agents to secure asylum. Baluchistan Liberation Army is heavily funded to stir trouble in the province. Similarly Sardar Akhtar Mengal had confided that he had a meeting with Israeli and US officials. It was after that meeting that Lashkar-e-Baluchistan was expanded and equipped. These turncoats are working to further the agenda of their foreign masters, which at its least is to malign Pakistan and at its most to balkanize it. Such objectives can’t be achieved without captivating global public support.
Such developments concerning Baluchistan are both thought provoking and sobering. Government can’t afford to make mistakes. It is interesting that the quarters interested in maligning defense forces and government of Pakistan are active while the government and its functionaries are apathetic. This situation can not continue for long. Law enforcing agencies have to perform if they want to swab the allegation of perpetrating enforced disappearances. The issue may not be of grave consequences on ground but after the visit of UN team on human rights it may transpire as a major global concern. It can also be used as a major coercive tool to extricate favors and to force Pakistan into complying with US wishes. If we look in this backdrop the biggest beneficiary of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in the province are the enemies of Pakistan while the worst hit are law enforcing agencies. It is not difficult to infer that these crimes are committed by foreign funded agents to pursue their agenda. Yet the tide must be turned otherwise our sovereignty would be at stack. The government must work with the people of Baluchistan, address their grievances and exert to alleviate the same through performance on ground that hold the key to pulling the country out of present quagmire.

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